Essential Reasons to Service Your Vehicle Tyres
Essential Reasons to Service Your Vehicle Tyres

Essential Reasons to Service Your Vehicle Tyres

Most car owners in Melbourne consider their car as a prized possession. Taking the car for a regular check-up will help extend the life span of your vehicle. However, your car tyres are one of the most important components of your vehicle and should not only be serviced during the regular check-up but needs to be taken care of regularly. Your car completely depends on its tyres which need regular servicing just like other parts of your car.

Here are some of the reasons for servicing your car tyres from a reputed tyre repair shop in Melbourne:

  1. Wheel alignment: Your tyre becomes difficult to control due to the unaligned wheels of your car. This leads to rapid wear and tear. The alignment of the tyre goes haywire when it hits a protruding object or drives into a pothole. Hence, servicing your tyre becomes important for the improved efficiency of your car.
  2. Tyre pressure: Checking the tyre pressure will prevent the build-up of internal heat. If you drive with low-pressure tyres, the fuel efficiency will reduce as the engine has to exert more energy to pull the car forward. Lower air pressure could also lead to accidents as you may not be able to efficiently control the vehicle.
  3. Tyre Inflation: Your tyres need to be inflated properly as under-inflation will lead to wear and tear of the edge of tyre tread and over-inflation will lead to the wearing out of the centre of the tread. Ensure that proper equipment is used while servicing your car tyres.
  4. Tyre balancing: Unbalanced tyres will reduce the handling of your car. It will lead to a major issue with the suspension and steering of your car as it will need extra effort to push your car forward.
  5. Incision: If you find any cut on the tyre, consider replacing them at the earliest. This could otherwise cause the tyre to blow out. However, if the puncture is not big, you can also get it repaired.
  6. Tyre Depth: Check the tyre depth as it is subjected to wear and tear due to braking and driving. This can result in certain objects to remain within the tread of your tyre leading to an increase in friction while you drive. It will wear the tread easily.
  7. Brakes and shock absorbers: Tyres may require services not only because of regular wear and tear but also because of problems with the shock absorbers or the brakes as it directly affects the handling.

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