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Car Diagnostics
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Car Diagnostics Service Melbourne: Latest Diagnostics Tools

If your vehicle experiences poor fuel efficiency, engine misfires, intermittent stalling of the engine, overheating of engine or illumination of the check engine light, you need to go for diagnostics.
Due to the complexity of modern automobile serious technical issues may not detect during the routine checkup. By conducting comprehensive diagnostic tests using the latest diagnostics tools, our authorized technicians detect undetected technical problems at an initial stage and solve it on the spot.

We has been taking care of the clutch and brake repairs of our clients all across the Docklands, Carlton, North Melbourne & Melbourne CBD at highly competitive prices. We can also often save our customers future expense by replacing brake & clutch parts before they become so badly worn that they cause even more damage to your braking system.

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We provide following diagnostic services –

  • ECU Reset
  • Clear diagnostic information
  • Read DTC information
  • Read data by identifier
  • Read memory by address
  • Security access
  • Communication control
  • Write data by identifier
  • Input-Output control by identifier
  • Write memory by address
  • Tester present
  • Control DTC setting
  • Diagnostic session control
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